a holistic way to
transform your health.

Phoenix Rising Acupuncture in Houston, Texas provides healing in a natural and holistic way. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) differs from most conventional medical therapies in that it focuses on diagnosing and targeting the root cause of illness rather than the symptoms and manifestations.

According to TCM, one problem can cause a myriad of manifestations, so when that single underlying issue is addressed, symptoms minimize, fade, and potentially disappear over time.

Whether suffering from hormonal imbalances, PMS, menopause, addiction, insomnia, anxiety, or the common cold, TCM provides a thorough healing process, transforming the individual out of disease and into an empowering state of health and wellness.

The Myth of the Phoenix

The myth of the Phoenix can be found in many fables, legends, and civilizations throughout the world. Stories tell of a vibrant mythological bird that lives 500 to 1,000 years, or beyond. At the end of its long life, the Phoenix sacrifices itself by fire, burning to ashes. From the ashes, the bird rises again to live a life longer than its last.

The Phoenix is an ultimate symbol of transformation, rejuvenation, renewal, and longevity. In Chinese folklore, the Phoenix, representing the yin ~ or feminine nature ~ is a symbol of humanity, strength, and resilience.

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