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Mainstream Medicine vs. ‘Alternative’ Healing

The US Medical System is a vast and complex beast, riddled with as many issues of practice and politics, as the solutions, care and wellness that it provides. It’s a machine that costs the American people $3.2 trillion last year, which is more than any other nation spends on healthcare, yet Americans rank only 42nd globally in life expectancy at birth so without looking any more deeply than this, it’s already clear that something doesn’t add up.

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Adrenal Fatigue: The Diagnosis of a Nation

Adrenal fatigue has become a popular “buzz word” in today’s health arena. Stress is considered to be the primary culprit, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a large portion of Americans suffer from the collection of symptoms that make up the syndrome referred to as “adrenal fatigue”.

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What is Acupuncture?

Perhaps you may have noticed an acupuncture clinic pop up in your neighborhood, or you’ve become aware of the publicity acupuncture is receiving in mainstream media. If you’ve tuned into The Dr. Oz Show on television, there is a good chance you have heard some buzz about acupuncture, and the health benefits it has to offer. Here is some information on this ancient healing therapy.

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