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Intuitive Manifestation: Energetics of Creation

  • Phoenix Rising Acupuncture 1219 S Shepherd Dr Houston United States (map)

Intuitive Manifestation: Energetics of Creation

Many teachings on the Law of Attraction leave an incomplete picture of how to create and attract all that you desire. Because we are constantly creating the future we are walking into, practicing manifestation with precision is key to creating our desired outcomes. Join Jessica as she guides you on a soul journey to align with what you want to create in your life.

Jessica Bird is the intuitive healer and powerful soul coach behind Zaia Soul. As a seer, empath, and intuitive channel, Jessica offers Soul Sessions to help people heal, awaken, and embrace their power and purpose; so they can step into the life that meets their fullest potential.

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn the energetics of manifestation 

  • Examine how the Law of Attraction can be incorporated into your daily practices 

  • Engage the root of what is blocking the free flow of all that you desire

  • Learn how to get into the receiving mode so life can unfold with ease

  • Practice consciously reprogramming to become a vibrational match with what you are calling into your life

  • Reignite the power of gratitude as a tool to attain and maintain energetic alignment

* By attending this workshop, you agree to receive energy work from Jessica

When:  Sunday, July 28th, 3-5pm

Where: Phoenix Rising Acupuncture

Investment: $45

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