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Dr. Carlos Chapa

“I have known and referred patients to Dr. Lori E for many years and my patients are very happy with her. Dr. Lori's skills are excellent, she has excellent communication skills and is passionate about her patients. What more can you ask for? My only negative? I wish she were in Dallas. Houston is very lucky to have her.”  

Kristi T.

“I have been seeing Lori for a few months now, she's helped immensely with my stress levels through her acupuncture and herbal treatments. The facility is also very clean which is something very important to me. I would highly recommend her services!”

Gabby N.

“Very helpful, professional and knowledgeable in her craft. I was surprised at the array of ailments that acupuncture could address! Would highly recommend this practice to anyone!”

Denise P.

“Dr. Lori E is amazing and she helped me a lot with stress reduction and esoteric Acupuncture. Loved her treatments, they were very healing and felt relaxed and peaceful after her treatments.” 

Corky C.

“I came to Lori at Phoenix Rising for help with a recurring lower abdominal pain that traditional medicine was unable to diagnose. After only a couple weeks of treatments, the pain was no longer noticeable. It has been roughly 18 months since my last treatment and there has been no recurrence.  I had always been skeptical of "alternative" medicine's effectiveness, but I am now a believer in acupuncture. Lori did a wonderful job of not only explaining the specific nature of the acupuncture treatments I was receiving, but also the general advantages acupuncture can have over traditional medical treatments and pharmaceuticals.  I would recommend Phoenix Rising Acupuncture to both "first-timers" seeking alternative treatments and veteran patients of Chinese medicine alike.”

Alexis D.

“I have been seeing Lori for almost two years now, and I consider her a key part of my health and wellness. She has helped me with both acute issues like headaches/ illness and more chronic concerns such as allergies, stress, and my immune system. I have noticed significant improvements since seeing Lori. She has a great approach and always takes the time to understand your needs both for that day and ongoing. I really enjoy my appointments and always leave feeling relaxed. She is very knowledgeable and continues to learn about new herbs/ options to help you. I was looking for a treatment that would get to the root cause of my health concerns instead of just addressing my symptoms and Lori has done both! I can’t recommend her highly enough, and I really appreciate all that she does for me!”

Jody L.

“I have received acupuncture treatments in the past from other practitioners but Lori's treatments are unique, deeper and more effective than those I have experienced before. She has an intuitive sense for what is helpful.”


Stuart H.

“Lori is the best, is very personable and really cares about her patients. I suffered from leg pain from the knees down for many years and tests had found that my blood did not circulate up my legs properly plus I had severe plantar faciatus. A few treatments fixed the circulation and lessened the foot pain. Maintenance treatments have given me great relief and the pain in one leg is gone and the other one only flares up on occasion because I have a heel spur that aggravates it. I go regularly for maintenance and if I have a headache or back pain that day, her treatment relieves it immediately. Her treatments and supplement suggestions have also helped me to sleep better and have regulated my hormones. My last treatment included my dry eyes and she recommended soaking Goji berries in water and drink it regularly and I have not had the sandpaper dryness at night since the treatment and adding Goji berry water to my daily intake.

I sent two friends to her, one had severe back pain and one pregnant friend had migraine headaches and did not want to take medicine. Lori tried and extreme treatment for my friend with the back ache and gave her some relief that the doctors and medicine could not. The migraines have stopped for my other friend with a few treatments and an oil to rub on her temples when she first feels the symptoms. Last I checked with her, she hasn't even needed the oil. My daughter also went regularly for anxiety and hormone imbalance and treatments helped her tremendously.

Another young friend of mine had a severe reaction to working in a very moldy house after Harvey. Among other symptoms, she developed chronic belching, like a deep hiccup that occurred non-stop for weeks. She went to several types of doctors and all they did was give her medicine to knock her out at night to get some rest. The problem was so severe one Saturday that I called Lori to tell her the problem and she drove all the way from her home in Richmond to treat my friend on her day off. One treatment stopped the reaction with only a few short episodes over the next couple of days and after two follow up treatments, the problem has not returned.

Everyone that I meet with a problem, I try to convince to try acupuncture and Lori in particular because she really cares about her patients.”


Ginny C.

“Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone seeking alternatives to western medicine.”

Sarah T.

“I have been going to Lori for 6 months now. I originally went for a specific problem area on my back. Not only has she gotten that under control for me, but she has truly changed my life. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, easy to talk to, calming and goes above and beyond for her clients.I always find myself referring people to her and always keep a few of her business cards on hand! Yes, she is THAT GOOD! All those that have given her a chance are beyond thankful that they did and you will be too. She has worked wonders for me, from issues from chronic pain to constipation and absolutely EVERYTHING in between. Not only acupuncture, but also cupping and natural herbs! She is the very best and I am lucky to have found her!”

Jody C.

“Lori is amazing. Since going to her my back is pain free! Thank you Lori!”

 Eileen F.

“When I came to Phoenix Rising Acupuncture, I was a mess. I had issues with my hormones and the all the symptoms that come with it. Also my anxiety levels were super high. Acupuncture with Lori has solved these issues and every time I go for acupuncture I feel very relaxed. Now I have these symptoms under control. A combination of acupuncture, herbs and good eating habits, took me to recovery! Lori is an excellent acupuncturist and gives all her best to help you with your issues. Her knowledge and caring manner stand out! Give it a try you will not regret it!  Thank You Lori for being the bridge for better health. I will always be grateful!”

Ginger F.

“I am 65 years old and after three weekly sessions with Lori the stiffness and pain in my arthritic knees has improved at least by 75%. I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed when I first went to her and I am much calmer with an improved energy level. I am so pleased. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner! I plan to continue weekly treatments. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She has a wonderful attitude and approach with her patients.”

Kala F.

“I have been seeing Dr. Lori Earley for about a year. It was the best choice that I could have made to help cure my heartburn. Between acupuncture and the herbs Lori prescribed my heartburn is gone. I still receive acupuncture to help alleviate stress because I feel so calm and centered for days after a session. I highly recommend her!” 

Sofia A.

“I was interested in acupuncture to treat anxiety, depression, sadness and some women's issues and I can honestly say that I didn't expect the results I've gotten in the 3 months I've been seeing Lori.
My energy is calm and peaceful, my chi is flowing much better and the addition of the herbs I'm taking have made all the difference in my overall well being. Every treatment I have feels different than the last but with better results each time. I went back for sciatica flare ups and I left feeling calmer and with less pain.  None of this would be possible without Lori's gentle spirit and with how much she truly cares. She truly cares about her clients. I can't recommend her enough.” 


 Marie E.

“Lori is my cure all. I was sleep deprived, anxiety ridden and an all around emotional mess prior to my first treatment with her at Phoenix Rising Acupuncture. I walked in not really knowing what I was in for, nor did I know what acupuncture was good for. Now I can't imagine my life without it. Lori knows the ins and outs of holistic health practices and works to help her patients understand the body's inner workings and how its systems work in unison. Aligning those systems and getting the positive flow back in your life is what Lori is amazing at.

About 6 months ago I was having regular panic attacks, heart palpitations, headaches and digestive issues. I hadn't slept well in months. I felt drained of energy, had low motivation and could hardly hold myself together emotionally. Lori started by isolating issues; first, sleep and digestion. I felt an emotional weight lift off my shoulders and got a jump start on track with digestion which is so vital as holding those toxins in is literally sickening to your body. I slept better that night. With a combination of herbs, acupuncture and the therapeutic oils used in treatment and my consistent visits, I can honestly say I have not felt this grounded, balanced and in tune with my own body in at least a couple of years. I have natural energy, sleep better, and rarely have headaches. Acupuncture has helped me get my life back on track. I've gone into treatment feeling completely annihilated by anxiety, hardly able to think clearly because of a headache and filled with self doubt and sensitivity. Lori takes the time to sit down with her patients at every visit, learn about them and make tweaks to treatment through progression. In addition to her healing hands, she has a calming, energy about her and the clinic itself is a relaxing environment. I've also had cupping done for muscle pain as well as a cough. I had never heard of it, but it relaxed my muscles and loosened my cough. She's also performed reiki on me. This is my FAVORITE. Natural healing by touch. I can't even explain it well enough, you just have to go in.

Lori is a wealth of knowledge. I only wished I'd found her sooner. I've sent a few friends and family here. My advice, especially as a first timer, go in with an open mind, relax, and turn off your phone. And, no, the needles don't hurt at all.”


Stephanie R.

“Very knowledgable. Great atmosphere. I was so relaxed after a few minutes ended up napping thru my treatment.”

Jessica A.

“Lori is an incredible acupuncturist & herbalist! She's caring, knowledgeable & has the most gentle hands. She can make you feel refreshed & rejuvenated!”

Jennifer C.

“I took my son to Lori for pediatric aroma acupoint treatment to help him with his anxiety. Lori is wonderful with children and really helped my son feel at ease. He has very little anxiety now and even sleeps better at night. I highly recommend Lori and this treatment for children who suffer from anxiety and/or OCD.”


Mohni M.

“I was always scared and hesitant to try acupuncture but after dealing with facial pain for more than 6 months (and seeing numerous drs and dentists), I gave it a try. I am so pleased with Lori's treatment for me and am so glad I sought her care! I'd also like to add that I am a dentist myself and truly believe that Eastern medicine has a place in our society! Thank you Lori!”

Fernando S.

“I love this experience. Lots of science behind this approach to wellness and healing and can help with lots of issues.  Lori is amazing!”

Ashlie G.

"Lori Earley is very knowledgable when comes to acupuncture. I was looking for cosmetic Acupuncture. When I first started going, she was very understanding and helpful. Listened to my concerns. I was amazed by the results. My skin has tightened and less lines. Very very pleased with her work! No complaints!!! She deserves 5 stars!”

Lori S.

“I was referred to Lori Earley at Phoenix Rising Acupuncture September 2014 to help me with some severe stress symptoms I was experiencing. I had acupuncture by someone else once and really didn't care for it, but I trusted the person referring me and she assured me that it would help. I made the appointment and saw Lori September 10th. After just one treatment by Lori, I was hooked. She listened with a sympathetic ear and went through a lengthy health interview with me and then checked my tongue and pulse. I left her office after a 30 minute treatment more relaxed and calmer then I had in years prior. Fast forward almost a year later and I am still seeing Lori because I love it! Lori is a beautiful, caring, kind souled person and now I can say friend. I cannot imagine my life without her and the acupuncture she does for me.”


Marie L.

“I love this place! This short weekly visit is my favorite escape and the best thing I do for myself. Lori took the time to sit with me and really listen and does so for the first 5-10 minutes of every visit. She's helped me get my anxiety under control which in turn has relieved a great deal of depression. This was my biggest struggle. I felt very comfortable in the environment at Phoenix Rising, even not knowing what I was in for from the first day. I never realized acupuncture could be so effective and for so many issues. I've gone in feeling completely down and left in good spirits. I have arrived to my appointment with a throbbing headache and left pain free. I've even gone in feeling like I was coming down with a cold and with the right Chinese herbs and treatment, my body is able to kick it before the bug really sets in.

One of the things I appreciate about Lori is that she came from a background in pharmaceuticals and migrated over to Traditional Chinese Medicine - she truly understands the ins and outs, how bad prescription meds are and how to treat the SOURCE of the problem from the TCM perspective so you can be prescription-free. Consistency, like most things, is key here. She will advise you full cycle in terms of treatments, herbs recommended, suggestions for at home remedies, and she encourages an overall healthy lifestyle. I love, love, love her and Phoenix Rising.” 

Sofia A.

“3 years ago, I was going through a very intense spiritual awakening. The kind that left me wondering why I was even here. The kind that had me questioning everything in my life.

I was emotionally purging so much of what hurt, blocked me and needed to leave my body and my heart. I was in so much emotional pain that my heart center actually physically hurt every day. I would spend hours processing unexpressed emotions and it took a toll on my body and my spirit from the exhaustion of this internal work.

This is when I met this beautiful soul. I chose to work with an acupuncturist. I did not choose acupuncture because I was in physical pain, I chose it because I was in emotional distress and needed healing to balance the energy in my body.

Lori understood me, she listened to me share about my emotional state and was able to treat me according to the type of healing I needed.

Her healing and support helped me and my body cope through this challenging time and she was by my side through it all.

This is when I truly started to love acupuncture and Chinese medicine and ALL that went with it.”


Jackie L.

“Lori is amazing at what she does. I'm 51 and made it through to menopause with no synthetic hormones, pills, creams, etc. I wasn't feeling great and was just about to go to see a doc for bio identical hormone therapy until a friend suggested seeing Lori.... This was several months ago and since then I have cancelled my appointment with that doc and I feel amazing!!! Between my acupuncture sessions and the herbs I am feeling better than I have in a long time. My moods are great, I'm sleeping better for the first time in long time; I'm a lot calmer and I am a better mom, wife and friend! I truly believe it was with Lori's help that I am where I need to be with my hormones, and the BEST thing is it was all natural! She ROCKS!”

Samantha J.

“The best acupuncture I have ever had. I have never enjoyed getting acupuncture until I received it from Lori. I have always known how effective acupuncture is (even if it takes multiple sessions) and have had great acupuncturists in the past but Lori, her gentle spirit and technique blows me away, so effective but not painful and she takes time to talk to you and really understand what's going on with you holistically. I have always been very sensitive to the needles but not with Lori. She has really helped me with pain in my knee, balance my hormones and now we're working on weight reduction. I also recommend her to my clients for everything from headaches, anti-aging and facial toning! She's a true healer.” 

Sandra V.

"Lori is so wonderful and truly cares about her patients. Acupuncture treatments are fabulous and I have immediate results.”

Barbara M.

“Lori is an amazing acupuncturist. She has helped me so much over the past six months. Truly cares about her patients and very knowledgeable!” 

Jacqueline L.

“I've been seeing Lori for about 3 years now and cannot say enough.  I started seeing her for night sweats and mood swings and within weeks between the herbs and acupuncture she had everything under control for me. I never feel the needles or have any pain.  It is truly amazing. Lori has literally changed my life! She has helped me with hormone issues from menopause to headaches and stress relief.  During my visits, I feel so calm and peaceful that by the time I leave, I feel great!  I would recommend Lori to anyone and I always look forward to my visits with her.  She is amazing.” 

Natalie M.

“I've had 2 sessions with Lori and she has been amazing! I love the environment and how calm she is. She was very easy to talk to and I would recommend her to anybody! Now to convince my mother to start too!”

Jessica A.

“I have been to several acupuncturists & Lori is the best! She's caring, compassionate, knowledgeable & spends the time to talk to you. If you're unsure about needles, no need to be, she has a very gentle touch. You don't feel anything!  You will leave feeling refreshed & rejuvenated!”

Stephen A.

“Dr. Lori is awesome! I don't know why people think acupuncture is painful. At Phoenix Rising I could hard feel the needles go in. Once they were all put it in, I felt like a zen monk, no stress to be found anywhere, and a peaceful calm was ever present for days after the session.  Looking forward to my next session.”

Natalie R.

“I started seeing Lori in January 2015 for help with severe depression, severe anxiety (meds were making me not function as a mother), chronic pain in back, PMS, migraines, and even a sinus infection. Lori is an incredible woman who is super knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and was very calm and sweet. Her office is so peaceful it’s like going to a spa. I have now been medication free for a year after seeing her weekly for about 6 months or so. The acupuncture treatments are painless and make you so relaxed you feel like you are melting into the bed. She uses salt lamps, white noise, music, whatever you need to help you relax. I highly recommend Lori to anybody and everybody who is interested in acupuncture and trying a more holistic/alternative approach to treating your ailments. Lori is my life saver. I was down a very dark path before seeing her.”