Transformation. Empowerment. Renewal.


Transformation.  Empowerment.  Renewal.


"The physical body is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health.  At Phoenix Rising Acupuncture, I go beyond the physical aspect of your discomfort or disease by using acupuncture as a transformative healing tool to help gently release suppressed emotions, which allows for a deep and empowering healing experience."

~ Lori J. Earley, Licensed Acupuncturist







Your health is one of your top 3 priorities.

You are eager to learn and implement new ways to help support your health.

You are willing and able to invest a minimum of 60 minutes per week to acupuncture therapy. 

You are open to dietary and lifestyle modifications and herbal therapy.

You believe that stress, modern-day living, or past or present trauma could be related to your current state of health.

You are seeking long-term holistic wellness for mental, emotional, and physical health rather than looking for a quick fix or magic bullet.

You feel stuck, stagnant, or paralyzed in your life, and are searching for a means to move forward, gain momentum, and reignite your creative spark.

You believe that treating symptoms is only a "band aid" approach and is ineffective at attaining wellness.

You are open to discussing past and current emotional situations or trauma which could be impacting your health.

You are willing to address possible addictions (self-medicating, overeating, overworking, alcohol, etc.) that could be affecting your health.

You are seeking a Houston Acupuncturist who is experienced in treating emotional health and dedicated to assisting you on your journey to wellness.

Your available times for treatment are compatible with Phoenix Rising Acupuncture's Office Hours.


Are you ready to work together on your journey to wellness?

I was interested in acupuncture to treat anxiety, depression, sadness and some women’s issues and I can honestly say that I didn’t expect the results I’ve gotten in the 3 months I’ve been seeing Lori. 
My energy is calm and peaceful, my chi is flowing much better and the addition of the herbs I’m taking have made all the difference in my overall well being. Every treatment I have feels different than the last but with better results each time. I went back for sciatica flare ups and I left feeling calmer and with less pain. None of this would be possible without Lori’s gentle spirit and with how much she truly cares. She truly cares about her clients. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Sofia A.